MEAN refers for MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS and Node.js. It is one of the most leading web development frameworks which are totally based upon collection of JavaScript based technologies that enables to develop web applications. It is becoming popular due to its flexibility and ease of development. Our MEAN STACK developers cover the full web development process from front end development to back end development using JavaScript, this helps to make the development process more accurate and efficient.

Some of the tools that are used for development with the Mean Stack are

  • 2Intelli is the leading web solutions company which provides expert level solutions by using the MEAN Full Stack JS Development to various enterprises. Our developers have several years of experience in providing web solutions with a diverse set of technologies.
  • NPM stands for Node Package Manager that helps to install node modules on a per project basis or globally.
  • Bower is a front end package manager that helps to install the front end libraries like Bootstrap and AngularJS.

Why Using MEAN Stack?

  • It combines the power of 4 powerful technologies like: ExpressDB, AngularJS, MongoDB and Node.js.
  • Dynamic JavaScript’s can be directly included in the templates.
  • Open source Full Stack Solution for MEAN Applications.
  • MEAN Stack is a powerful testing tool.
  • Keeps the application well organized.
  • Creates a simple open source solution that is used to develop robust and maintainable solutions.
  • Helps in rapid development of applications.

Our technology expertise comprise of

  • Operating Systems
  • Development Environments
  • Development Tools
  • WEB 2.0 Platform
  • Application Development
  • Databases
  • Protocols
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