Full Stack Development Expertise:

Full stack development services trend is increasing now a days. Every company needs the experts who have extensive knowledge about the entire process right from the concept and ideation step to the finished product. So most of us tend to hire full stack web developer who is specialized in everything.

A full stack developer is the one who is Skilled in a lot of things. Some of them include
  • Server and hosting
  • Security and Networking
  • Quality assurance
  • GUI and user experience
  • DBMS and RDBMS
  • Understanding Customer
  • API interaction

The Full stack development should have knowledge about Data Modeling, Scala/Akka, Craftsmanship, Web Services, and Business Applications.

Data Modeling

  • Full stack developers know how to create a reasonably normalized relational model, complete with foreign keys, indexes, views, lookup tables, etc.
  • Full stack developers are familiar with the concept of non-relational data stores.
  • Scala / Akka

    Akka /Scala explore the ways in which it facilitates and simplifies the implementation of concurrent, distributed applications.

    The full stack development services includes all types of development like Angular JS development, Mongo DB, MEAN, Node JS development, Express, React JS development, Rapid JS, Strong loop Loopback framework, jQuery and jQuery Mobile. Our Developers are expert enough in handling all these services with more efficiency and reliability.

    Our technology expertise comprise of

    • Operating Systems
    • Development Environments
    • Development Tools
    • WEB 2.0 Platform
    • Application Development
    • Databases
    • Protocols
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