Zend Application Solution

Zend Framework is the most professional open source framework based on modular MVC (Model-View-Controller) design which is used for developing web applications in PHP. Zend Framework is implemented by using 100% object-oriented PHP 5 and are E_STRICT compliant and most of the new features of PHP like namespaces, late static binding, lambda functions and closures, which are helpful in the development of building tests and writing codes in a bug-free and crash-proof application manner.


  • All components are 100% object-oriented PHP 5, OOPS principles and are E_STRICT compliant.
  • Friendly and easy licensing.
  • Extremely flexible and supports all the features of the latest version of PHP.
  • Quality documentation and support.
  • Flexible architecture that helps you easily builds modern web applications and web services.
  • Supports multiple database systems like MySQL, Oracle, and MSSQL Server etc.
  • Rich library for frequent usage in applications.
  • Fully tested and easily extendible code base.
  • Zend Framework allows easy database porting without any modification in code.
  • Use of MVC implementation makes the Zend Framework easy and efficient to use.

Advantages of Zend Framework Application Development

  • Open source Platform
  • Url are Seo Friendly
  • All Updated Database are Supported on this platform
  • Plug-in are Provided Easily and can be created
  • Fast and Secure Web Development
  • It's Completely Object Oriented

2Intelli provides industry leading and award winning Zend Framework Web Development services and solutions. Our services include as below:

  • Zend Customization Solutions
  • Zend Portal Development
  • Troubleshoot and Monitor Zend Production Systems
  • Deploy and Build Zend Applications
  • Zend Website Development
  • Modernize Legacy Zend Applications
  • Hire Zend Developers
  • Zend Application Development
  • Zend Integration Solutions

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