Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Programming

In today’s advancement of era every enterprises demand wide range of database management platform in order to deliver best results with more efficiency. Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Express is a highly powerful and reliable relational database management system which delivers highly rich and reliable data store for various Web Sites and desktop applications.

2Intelli has a database professional team who provides SQL Server database development services like load balancing, maintenance plans, management and operation of relational data as well as extraction and disaster recovery strategies in order to support critical databases etc.

Our MS SQL Server 2012 Development Services include

  • Performance Tuning
  • Best Practices Audit & Deployment
  • SQL Server Installation and Upgrade
  • Data Integration Services
  • Architecture Consulting & Capacity Planning
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Why MS SQL Server 2012?

MS SQL Server 2012 is an analysis solution and database management that delivers increased security, scalability, and availability to undertake data and analytical applications, which makes them easier to deploy, build and manage that is very useful for those organizations who faces many database challenges. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 also supports several classes of APIs that apps can be used to access SQL Server resources on the local computer. MS SQL Server 2012 will help organizations to:

  • Reduces the complexity of deploying, building, and managing database applications which helps to maximize information technology productivity.
  • Build, deploy and manage enterprise applications that are more secure, scalable and reliable.
  • Share data across multiple devices, platforms and applications.

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