MongoDB Database Development

MongoDB is an Open Source document oriented NoSQL database system. It is widely used for large scale document management, transformation, real time processing and analysis.

Features of MongoDB

The MongoDB database development offers outstanding features some of them are given below:
  • Server support
  • Language support
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Real time addition of content, tags and comment in database at high velocity
  • Aggregation
  • Load balancing
  • Faster app development cycle
  • Replication
  • Indexing
  • Server side JavaScript execution
  • File storage
  • Searching, sorting and filtering in numerous forms


  • High Traffic Application
  • Social Networks
  • Online Marketing & Advertising
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Online Collaboration
  • Government
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Gaming Apps
  • Metadata Storage
  • Document Oriented Systems
  • Graph Storage Scenarios
  • Operational Data Store of a Website
  • Archiving & Event Logging
  • Document & Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Real-time Stats / Analytics


  • Simple development process
  • Cost effective model
  • Eliminates complexity
  • Consistency
  • Scalability
  • High performance
  • Saves time
  • High availability
  • High speed
  • Flexibility


2Intelli is a MongoDB development company and provides a wide range of MongoDB development services. Some of them are given below:
  • Business analytics
  • MongoDB implementation
  • Business intelligence
  • Architecture strategy and design
  • Configuration and optimization
  • Data mining and aggregation
  • MongoDB consulting
  • MongoDB database development services
  • MongoDB integration

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