MS System Application Development

Microsoft offers wisest platform for unique application management capabilities that can help us to deliver graceful and fruitful applications services to our clients as per their need and requirements. Being a most leading company we are specializing in software, web, mobile and application development as well as system integration, database systems, business process management and BI solutions which enable us to provide out-of-the-Box and attractive end-to-end solution.
Our developers have in depth knowledge of C#, VC++, C++, Visual Studio 2008, VS 2005, VS 2003, Microsoft TFS, and SQL Server and various other related technologies and tools. Our offerings include below:

Browser Plug-In Development (IE, Firefox and Chrome): We offers customized web browser plug-in development in order to enhance browser functionalities and enable the browser to execute specific functions like viewing playing multimedia files, special graphic formats etc. We also facilitate our customers by providing them compact add-on custom controls that can enhance the user experience by customizing user interfaces, auto login function, stock information, brand promotion via custom toolbar, RSS reader, news, alerts, mails, weather updates, adding custom buttons, drop-down menus much more.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network App Development: Peer-to-Peer networking provides a long lasting networking infrastructure for building peer-to-peer networking applications. It also enables us to provide a secure and scalable message-based P2P communication channel for application developers which are very useful to handle high volume of file sharing traffic by sharing the load across the multiple PCs. A peer-to-peer application is totally different from the client/server model because it involves both clients and server participation without depending on a centralized serve which makes it more efficient and reliable.

Chat/IM Software Development: 2Intelli helps you to develop IM applications with many additional features at a cheaper rate which best suites your business or organizations and it saves a lot of time and money.

Network Programming LDAP, HTTP, TCP/IP, SHTTP, FTP, SSL, Active Directory: TCP/IP is a basic communication protocol used to send and retrieve files and messages over IP in a private network. 2Intelli possess experienced developers in network programming which includes TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP and Socket Programming.

MS Office Plug-In Development: Our Company provides flexible Microsoft Office Plug-in Development for business purposes. We have skilled developers who are highly experienced in development of toolbars/buttons for outlook, excel, access, front page, word, power point, project, map point and publisher which will help to imbrute your business processes.

ActiveX Controls: ActiveX Controls is a Microsoft application which is basically used in internet explorer that helps to install and control plug-in/add-ons. 2Intelli has sound expertise in ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) that helps you to enhance your web browsing and also enables you to quickly create interactive web pages by using existing components.

Database Programming using MS SQL/Oracle: Database is most important aspect for every application, 2Intelli offers wide range of database solutions which include database architecting and data mining along with RSS feeds and in-depth statistical reporting across databases and XML etc.

API Programming (Device/Software): Application Program Interface (API) is defined as a set of protocols and tools that is helpful for building a software application. It also allows a user to write scripts and programs in order to robotize virtual machine operations.2Intelli offers all such outstanding facilities to their clients.

XSLT/HTML/XHTML Based GUI Development (VC++): XHTML based GUI programming is basically used for hand-held device based applications and most often misconstrued with regular Graphical UI Development.2Intelli has experienced team that works on device programming using Symbian C++ and VC++.

Adware Programming: Adware is the best way to promote your products and services online among wide range of customers. We offer the clients with pop-up ads which redirect them to a specific product or website while surfing on the internet.

Spider/Crawlers Development: Web Crawlers, sometimes called scrapers are the backbone of search engines for which the customer was searching. Our Company also provides the facility for developing Spiders/Crawlers that helps to create a copy of all visited pages for later processing by a search engine. 2Intelli can help you to brutalize the maintenance task of a website by checking the links or validating the HTML code.

RSS/ATOM/OPML/Feeds Related Programming: In today’s world entertainment is the most important aspect in everyone‘s life, for this RSS programming plays a important role in modern entertainment applications in order to prompt and to tempt more target audience.RSS and syndication offers user friendly platform for the users so as to quickly track any information from any website of their choice.RSS Programming enables to build a attractive website that can create, aggregate, manipulate, and display information feeds effectively and efficiently.

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