Cake PHP Development

Cake PHP platform is an open source framework based on PHP Scripting language & MVC architecture which helps in developing secured web applications more rapidly. It simplifies the web application development process due to its easy configuration, scaffolding, and rapid prototyping with code generation, clean MVC conventions and many more.

Cake PHP comes with the below features

  • Built-in Object Relational Mapping framework
  • Built-in database authorization & authentication
  • Built-in validation features
  • Cake PHP is registered under the MIT license which authorized to use it for commercial applications
  • Flexible ACL
  • CSRF protection
  • Flexible Caching
  • Less coding & easy to set up database

2Intelli specializes in CakePHP web development and possess skilled developer team who has in depth knowledge about CakePHP, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, & JavaScript. Our developers are more passionate to bring the client’s ideas into live.

Our Expertise

Versions: CakePHP 2.5.X, CakePHP 2.4.X, CakePHP 2.2.X, CakePHP 2.1.X, CakePHP 2.0.X, CakePHP 1.3.X, CakePHP 1.2.X, CakePHP 1.1.X , PHP 4, PHP 5, MVC framework, ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller

Database: MySQL 5+, PostgreSQL

Database: Linux, Mac OS, Mac OSX, BSD, UNIX variants, Microsoft Windows (2008)

Tools: Cake PHP development Environment, Cake PHP tools , cake php ide

Our CakePHP Development Services Include:

  • Content Management System development.
  • Extension development, integration and up gradation services
  • CakePHP customization services and website maintenance
  • Custom component development
  • Website development.

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