Automation Testing with Visual Studio

Testing is defined as the process of figuring out the system or its component with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. It is an important phase of every software development process. Automation testing is the most effective and fastest code testing process where monotonous test codes are automated which reduces the development time and money and assures the fruitful software products.

Why Should You Opt for Automation Testing?

Every organization should opt for Automation Testing in order to get the following benefits.

  • Reduction of the overall testing effort with reduced development times.
  • Optimized usage of resources
  • Multiple iterations of test executions, mitigating the risk of human error
  • Improved functional testing processes resulting in tangible cost benefits to our clients
  • Repetitive test code automation for increased coverage, improved efficiency and shorter test cycles.
  • Improved software quality with lesser bugs
  • Improving testing efficiency, especially critical for digital transformation initiatives.

Code UI Functional Automation Testing with Visual Studio

Reports let you easily track and analyze your product sales, orders, and payments.

Coded UI Test is a new automation testing tool which is very useful to validate and verify the applications. 2Intelli possess highly professional expertise for coded UI test automation that are skilled enough in this field which enables us to give success in coded UI test automation with Visual Studio
2Intelli follows a detailed coding process with Coded UI Tests to perform automation testing of business applications.

  • If test passes, then we further move ahead with our testing process.
  • Coding with testing strategies
  • Auto-compile and run the test code
  • Making manipulation to the test code in case the test script does not work and test fails.
  • In case if there are any bugs or error in the application, finding them and reporting about them.
  • Recording the actions

  • Our Company’s main objective is to give full satisfactions to our clients by providing them best quality and bug free software which makes us the most leading company across the world.

    2Intelli Advantage of Automation Testing with Visual Studio

    Benchmarking your website's performance helps you make great choices for your business.
  • Coded UI Automation Testing with Visual Studio 2013 by experienced professionals
  • Get quality applications at cheaper rate
  • Increased customer confidence in your products that are thoroughly tested at 2Intelli.
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduction in QA efforts
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