Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is rapidly growing domain with numerous development discoveries. This sector provides goods and services to treat patients with preventive, remedial or rehabilitative care.

2Intelli is helping numerous biggest healthcare giants to lead their business by delivering innovative solutions that include technical and functional analyst and consultants which mainly focused on business intelligence, research and development, test automation, application development, advisory/consulting and analytics services.

Our Healthcare Portfolio and Capability includes

  • Complying with many Regulatory Changes
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Improving Clinical Outcomes
  • Electronic Health Record Maintenance
  • Transforming Legacy Systems into modern-day, Patient-centric Solution
  • Digital Strategy
  • Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

Our Developed Projects

Pharmacy Management System (PMS): Pharmacy Management System is a flexible system that automates and improves the major pharmacy processes
Hospital Management System (HMS): Hospital Management System is a powerful web-based end-to-end solution that caters to clinical, financial, and administrative needs of every department in the hospital.
Clinic Management System (CMS): Clinic Management System is a versatile system that automates clinical requirements such as graphical reports, easy storage, easy billing and claims and retrieve of clinical information etc.
Lab Management System (LMS): Lab Management System is a web-based system which provides the benefit of operation handling, enhanced superior patient care and efficient cost control and improved profitability.